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Brand new things for the summer on tv pt1

June 10, 2009


Plot: After New York City emergency room doctor Hank Lawson makes a principled decision in the emergency room in which he saves the life of a teenager at the cost of the life of an elderly billion dollar hospital trustee, he loses his career and his fiancee. His younger brother Evan, a CPA, convinces him to go partying in the Hamptons for a weekend. When they crash a party and Hank saves an ailing woman’s life, he haphazardly becomes a concierge doctor for the rich and famous in the Hamptons.


Review: The pilot takes a little while to devellop, showing a big detailed chunk of (Mark Feuerstein) Hank Lawson’s life and I have to admit I almost didn’t watch it after long minutes of  boring medical dialogue. But then Hank’s brother Evan (Paul Costanzo) arrived with is witty dialogue (“you look like … if Jesus and Patrick Dempsy had a child and it got older and sick”) and his party crashing antics, and the show really took off. From the Jet Set parties, to rich hypocondriacs Hank and Evan took me everywhere that matters in the Hamptons and I liked it! A fake OD, but real allergy from a partygoer, a rich hemophiliac teen who tanked his dad’s Ferrari and an a middle aged socialite nicknamed “New parts Newberg” with a busted implant were on the episode’s menu du jour and it felt real, believable, and witty.The brothers were joined along the way by the aspiring Physician’s Assistant Divya (Reshma Shetty) and by the local hospital director and love interest for Hank, Jill Casey (Jill Flint). All I can say is that as the episode ended with Hank & Evan moving into german royalty Boris’ pool house, I find myself wanting more .

Will you be watching?


Tout Le Monde En Parle: Balmain

May 13, 2009


Une marque facine les podiums, les fashionistas et les stars depuis deux saisons: Balmain. Toutes les femmes craquent pour les jeans usés, les vestes militaires aux épaulettes démesurées, les robes drapées et à sequins, ainsi que pour les robes romantiques aux inspirations de ballerines et de danse classique.

A brand has taken by storm runways, fashionistas and celebrities for two seasons now: Balmain. Every woman has fallen for the distressed jeans, the military jackets with oversized shoulder pads, the draped and sequin dresses, as well as for the romantic dresses inspired by ballerinas and classical dance.


La maison Balmain a gagné en popularité durant les années 1950. Son fondateur Pierre Balmain habillait beaucoup de stars comme Ava Gardner et Brigitte Bardot. Après la Mort de Balmain en 1982, la maison continua à prospérer en tant que maison de luxe classique sous la coupe d’Erik Mortensen et Oscar de la Renta. Aujourd’hui sous la direction de Christophe Decarnin, la maison Balmain prend une direction plus moderne. Jouant à fond la carte des années 1980 avec les sequins, les jeans délavés et déchirés, ainsi qu’avec les vestes militaires “glamour” comme celles de Michael jackson à l’époque, la maison Balmain rajeunit et séduit un large publique.

The Balmain fashion house became famous in the 1950s. Its founder, Pierre Balmain dressed various celebrities such as Ava Gardner and Brigitte Bardot. After Balmain’s death in 1982, the classical luxury fashion house kept thiving under Erik Mortensen and Oscar de la Renta. Under Christophe Decarnin, the Balmain house is currently taking a more modern turn. Definitely 80s with all the sequins, the bleached and distressed denim, as well as with the “glam” military jackets in the style of  Michael Jackson at that time, the Balmain house has gained in youth and attracted a large pulic.