Beth Ditto Can Save The World

June 17, 2009


When I get obssessed by I song, it’s time to start posting…. So here I am with The Gossip ‘s new single Heavy Cross. Not only do I love the original song where Beth is simply amazing vocally, but I am addicted to the remix which has been flotting around the internet lately. So I decided to share my passion for this song and infect the world with both versions and the Read the rest of this entry »


Trailer Time

June 15, 2009

OK, so it’s time to review the movies I’m dying to see this summer.
OK, il est temps de passer en revue les films que j’ai hate de voir cet été.

Funny Movies / Comedies

12/06/09 USA – 23/09/09 FR

The Proposal: Une carrièriste castratrice, Margaret (Sandra Bullock) se voit contrainte d’épouser son assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) pour eviter d’etre déportée et de perdre son travail. Un seul problème: Andrew et Margaret sont complètement différents et ne peuvent pas se supporter…
The Proposal: A Ball-busting career woman, Margaret (Sandra Bullock) is forced to marry her assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) to prevent her deportation and the loss of her job. One problem remains: Andrew and Margaret are complete opposites and can’t stand each other.

03/04/09 USA – 26/08/09 FR

The Ugly Truth: Une productrice (Katherine Heigl) a un problème avec son nouveau présentateur, le très arrogant et “connard” de base Mike (Gerard Butler). mais elle doit bien se rendre à l’évidence… il sait ce que veulent les hommes. Elle parie donc d’essayer sa methode afin d’attraper celui qui la fait craquer ou Mike devra démissioner.
The Ugly Truth: A producer (Katherine Heigl) has a problem with her obnoxious new host Mike (Gerard Butler), the average douchy male. But she cannot deny that he has knowledge of what men want… so she bets she’ll try his method and get her crush to like her back or Mike will have to quit!

Scary Movies / Films d’Horreur

24/07/09 USA – ??/??/??FR

Orphan: Lorsqu’une famille adopte une petite fille, leur vie est progréssivement tourmenté. Esther a un secret et tient à le garder….
Orphan: When a family adopts a little girl, their life becomes strange. Esther has a secret and wishes to keep it.

02/10/09 USA – 22/10/09 FR

Sorority Row: Pour se venger d’un petit ami infidèle Megan (Audrina Partrige, The Hills) décide de lui tendre un piège avec l’aide de ses soeurs (Briana Evigan, Leah Pipes, Jamie Chung, Rumer Willis) de la sororité Theta Pi: lui faire croire qu’elle est morte et qu’il est responsable. Mais celui-ci panique et la tue. Peu de temps après ses soeurs sont tuées une par une…
Sorority Row: To get back at an unfaithful boyfriend, Megan (Audrina Partrige, The Hills) decides to prank him with the help of her Theta Pi sisters (Briana Evigan, Leah Pipes, Jamie Chung, Rumer Willis): prentend that she died because of him. But he panicks and really kills her. A little while after the sisters are killed off one by one...

Teary Movies / Sortez Vos Mouchoirs

26/06/09 USA – 09/09/09 FR

My sister’s Keeper: Anna (Abigail Breslin) n’est pas née par accident. Ses parents l’ont conçus génétiquement modifié pour donner un rein à  sa soeur ainée atteinte du cancer. Mais Anna se révolte et décide d’intenter un procès à ses parents pour le droit à son propre corps, et ce malgré l’amour qu’elle porte à sa soeur, qui quand à elle s’autorise enfin à vivre
My sister’s Keeper: Anna (Abigail Breslin) wasn’t born by accident. Her parents conceived her gentically modified in order to give a kidney to her elder sister who has cancer. But Anna rebels and decides to sue her parents for the rights to her own body, despite the love she has for her older sister, who finally begins to live her own life.

Indie Movies / Films Indépendants

14/08/09 USA – 23/09/09 FR

Taking Woodstock: Voulant sauvez le camping de ses parents un jeune homme tente d’y faire venir un festival qui a perdu son emplacement… Wodstock!
Taking Woodstock: Trying to save his parents camping park, a young man tries to bring a festival who has lost its venue to the place… Woodstock!

21/08/09 – 02/06/10 FR

Post Grad: Ryden Malby (Alexis Bledel) vient de finir la fac. Elle devrait trouver un travail, un petit ami et partir habiter seule. Mais elle est paumée, ne trouve pas de travail et se voit contrainte de retourner vivre chez ses parents… Comment s’y retrouver quand on ne sait plus ce que l’on veut?
Post Grad: Ryden Malby (Alexis Bledel) just finished college. She should find a job, a boyfriend and a place to live on her own.But she’s lost, can’t find a job and has to move back in with her parents… How can you find your way when you don’t know what you want?

17/07/09 USA – 30/09/09 FR

500 days of Summer: Summer (Zoey Deschanel) ne croit pas à l’amour, mais elle va chambouler la vie de Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). Eternel romantique, celui-ci est dévasté lorsqu’elle le quitte et décide de revisiter les 500 jours passés ensemble afin de comprendre ce qui c’est passer. Il va tout faire pour la reconquérir et prouver que le grand amour existe!
500 days of Summer: Summer (Zoey Deschanel) doesn’t beleive in love but she’s gonna change Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt)’s life. A hopeless romantic Tom will be heart broken when she dumps him, and decide to revisit the 500 days they spent together in order to understand what happened. He will try everything to get her back and prove that true love exists!

Electro Music Summer Mix ’09

June 10, 2009

I thought I’d share my Electro Summer ’09 playlist with the world and here it is.

Je voulais partager ma playlist  Electro Summer ’09 avec le monde et la voici.

My Electro Summer Mix ’09 Playlist
Robyn – Because Of Boys
Yelle – Qui est cette fille
Pony Pony Run Run – Hey You (Dance Remix)
Fedde Le Grand – Scared Of Me
Heidi Montag – More Is More (Dave Aude Radio Edit)
Pink – Please Don’t Leave Me (Digital Dog Radio Edit)
Fritz Helder  & The Phantoms – Making A Scene
The Ting Tings – Great DJ (Calvin Harris remix)
The Gossip – Heavy Cross (Burn Remix)
Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed
Numéro# – Tout Est Parfait

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Brand new things for the summer on tv pt1

June 10, 2009


Plot: After New York City emergency room doctor Hank Lawson makes a principled decision in the emergency room in which he saves the life of a teenager at the cost of the life of an elderly billion dollar hospital trustee, he loses his career and his fiancee. His younger brother Evan, a CPA, convinces him to go partying in the Hamptons for a weekend. When they crash a party and Hank saves an ailing woman’s life, he haphazardly becomes a concierge doctor for the rich and famous in the Hamptons.


Review: The pilot takes a little while to devellop, showing a big detailed chunk of (Mark Feuerstein) Hank Lawson’s life and I have to admit I almost didn’t watch it after long minutes of  boring medical dialogue. But then Hank’s brother Evan (Paul Costanzo) arrived with is witty dialogue (“you look like … if Jesus and Patrick Dempsy had a child and it got older and sick”) and his party crashing antics, and the show really took off. From the Jet Set parties, to rich hypocondriacs Hank and Evan took me everywhere that matters in the Hamptons and I liked it! A fake OD, but real allergy from a partygoer, a rich hemophiliac teen who tanked his dad’s Ferrari and an a middle aged socialite nicknamed “New parts Newberg” with a busted implant were on the episode’s menu du jour and it felt real, believable, and witty.The brothers were joined along the way by the aspiring Physician’s Assistant Divya (Reshma Shetty) and by the local hospital director and love interest for Hank, Jill Casey (Jill Flint). All I can say is that as the episode ended with Hank & Evan moving into german royalty Boris’ pool house, I find myself wanting more .

Will you be watching?

Get Me Outta Here – Esmée Denters

May 24, 2009

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What do you think? Qu’en pensez-vous?

Baby, Baby, Baby – Make the girl dance

May 14, 2009

Voici la video pour la chanson electro “baby baby baby” du duo Make the girl dance qui sortira le 1er Juin. Les paroles sont en français et la music est entrainante, mais la video est un coup de bluff incroyable… voyez plutot ca. Et ajoutez les sur Myspace.

This is the video for the electro song “baby baby baby” by the duo called Make the girl dance and is out on June 1rst. The lyrics are in French and the music is catchy , but the video is an incredible bluff… check it out. And add them on Myspace.

Make The Girl Dance “Baby Baby Baby” ( official video )
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